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Goorooz is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum MainNet, and will be an integral component of the Goorooz metaverse. It may be used to purchase NFTs, access members only sites and various content, and for in-game purchases. The utility of Goorooz will expand as the Goorooz metaverse evolves to include an ever increasing array of products and services.

By purchasing Goorooz, you are backing the Goorooz project, and the token is in turn backed by the Goorooz project as the value of Goorooz will increase with demand, which will be driven by its utility within the Goorooz metaverse.

The Goorooz Debut can be thought of as a typical crowd-funding campaign, although there is nothing typical about the Goorooz project. Token holders, as a special thank you for backing Goorooz will have early-bird access, exclusive offers, and discounts on selected Goorooz content, products, and services.

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"Goorooz Token"

GOOROOZ Token price is 0.000001 ETH.

Ways to EARN with GOOROOZ Token

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Buy and Hold

After this offer ends, Goorooz Token will be listed on DeFi exchanges such as Uniswap, and such exchanges will be the only way to obtain Goorooz going forward. GooToken will be necessary to interact with the Goorooz Metaverse, and to facilitate purchases of various products, services, content, and offers. As Goorooz grows its user base, demand for Goorooz will also grow, resulting in Goorooz rising in value.

Hold Goo, and then when you think the time is right, you can exchange your Goorooz Tokens for Ethereum or any other crypto currency it may be trading against once it's listed.

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Earn Passive Income from Trading Fees

You can leverage the Goorooz Tokens you're holding, as well as any other cryptocurrency you have in your wallet by providing liquidity and earning trading fees. You can do this on any DeFi exchange that supports ERC-20 tokens, such as Uniswap. Add liquidity to an existing pool, or start your own liquidity pool... when you provide liquidity, the exchange will issue liquidity pool tokens, which can be redeemed at any time for the tokens you deposited PLUS a share in the trading fees that you earn as a liquidity pool whenever either of the tokens you added is swapped for the other.

It's easier than it sounds, and we'll guide you through it in one of the many upcoming Goorooz Master Classes!

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Goorooz will be releasing a number of special edition NFT collections that will only be available to Goorooz holders. NFTs are a HOT commodity right now, and they're only getting hotter! As a Goorooz holder, you'll be able to buy and then resell these NFTs for Ethereum or any other coin you choose.

After having purchased Goorooz at this special introductory price during the debut offering, the upside potential is HUGE!

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Promote Goorooz and earn a Generous Referral Commission

Let people know about Goorooz, and you'll INSTANTLY receive a 30% commission, paid in Ethereum for every Goorooz purchased through this offer!

Goorooz Referral Program

INSTANTLY receive a 30% commission, paid in Ethereum for every Goorooz purchased through your referral link.

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